I don’t know how to overcome my social awkwardness.I practice every conversation while meeting new people, that fear you get that you don’t fit  and you  will end up being awkward.Being in a party and having like only one familiar face there,quite depressing.

spoiler alert.I’m an introvert.

The pressure you get when someone puts you on the spotlight and all attention drawn to you and you just want the earth to swallow you alive.I’m the kind of person that rejoices when plans are cancelled I get all worked up as it gets closer to the time I have to meet my friends but I feel so much better just staying at home with a good book.

When i go to parties all i think is how I’ll get back home and escape all the hype and be alone.Social anxiety happens to many introverts and when you get to this social gatherings you don’t know what to do.People mostly confuse this with rudeness but as an introvert as the they say ”silence calms our souls”.

We are also the people who want to be invited to parties and when you get there you regret going in the first place,so all you  do is contemplate on how socially awkward you are.


 I prefer a quiet learning environment.Books complete me totally,OMG! you cant imagine,that feeling of burying yourself in an awesome book and you just surrender your mind into every paragraph,I’d go on and on but there’s nothing enchanting than a good book.

I started reading novels back in primary school,at that time our then English teacher would force us to read the pacesetters and write a summary of every book.I hated it at that time because all you wanted to do in primary school is be chicky and make noise.Little did i know that this would be a shield to the loud world and my safe haven.

Reading  books made me more quiet and no one would notice me or pick on me and this gave me a lot of peace,well people call me weird but anyway ALWAYS STAY WEIRD IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY!! THANK ME LATER.Don’t fit in when you were made to stand out.

 Its okay to feel what you are,don’t apologize for who you are before you want to be someone else  remember everyone is taken.Be patient with yourself and learn to love yourself first like really love yourself then people will appreciate you.

Brace yourself!

 Stay weird!!


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  1. kaywill112 says:

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    Straight from another mare’s mouth..


    1. misskoiyet says:

      i know right thankss though


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